Long before I went into advertising, I wanted to be an Olympic ski racer. 

Chased it for 11 years. skiing over 100 days a year.

Won a lot of races, crashed a lot, broke four bones and blew out one knee. (Twice.)

Eventually made it as far as the NCAA Division 1 Championships in college.

So, then I became an English teacher, working with troubled teens at a private school in Maine.

Which led me to think what I should really be is a therapist.

Until I took a big left turn and became an actor. 

(Which really meant I was a bartender.)

But I'd always been a writer.

From poetry to comedy sketches to short stories and pre-written scripts used to nervously call up girls in high school, words and ideas were my obsession.

So I finally decided to make a career out of it. 

And advertising was the perfect way to merge the competitor, psychologist, actor and storyteller in me all into one career. 

In the 18 years I've been doing it, it's taken me to over 60 agencies all around the country and allowed to tell stories for some of the best brands in the world.

And I'm proud to say my favorite thing in the world is still a blank piece of paper. 

If you've got an empty one in need of some good ideas, drop me a line. Let's fill it up together.


mark (at) markradcliffe dot com

(sorry, lotta spammers out here)