Nickel Bronze site
 In this blade of the site, listeners can compare the sound of Nickel Bronze strings to other strings--played on the same guitar, by the same guitarist, to the same song.
 We aggregated all the social chatter around the new strings at the foot of our site.
 Once the string was launched, we pushed the campaign out to all social channels.
 Before the string was launched as "Nickel Bronze," we sent out beta packs to players labeled "N6 Alloy" and solicited their opinions, which we'd use later as testimonials in social media.
 This was one of a many "countdown" images we posted leading up to the launch of Nickel Bronze. We took some of the best endorsement quotes from our beta-testers and put them on top of the beta pack design, teasing the new pack design behind it.
 With each post, we revealed a little more of the new pack design.
 And a little more...
 ...and more...
 Until the final coming out day arrived.
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